Bullfighter Is “Lucky To Be Alive” After This Serious Incident

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A bullfighter has been seriously injured after he was gored through the throat, face, and tongue during his first tournament. The 23-year-old, named Daniel García Navarrete, was struck several times by a bull weighing 1,000lbs in Spain’s biggest arena, Las Ventas, in Madrid. Around 10,000 audience members witnessed the horrific attack, although they originally thought that he had only been struck once in the thigh. Navarrete was quickly rushed to hospital in a serious condition, before doctors stated that he had been pierced by the bull a total of four times, which consisted of two piercings in his neck and two through his jaw, according to the recent reports.

Footage has shown how the bullfighter was flipped up into the air before being thrown onto the ground, which was when the bull began to repeatedly gore the man with his horns. The video also shows the audience screaming as they watched the trained staff attempt to distract the angry bull before carrying Navarrete away. The wounds suffered by Navarrete include a puncture that was eight inches deep, and a six-inch penetration of the roof of his mouth and base of his tongue, together with severed sciatic nerves, a fractured collarbone and extensive muscle damage.

Credit: EPA

After being treated initially at the infirmary’s bullring, reports have claimed that he is lucky to have even survived. After being taken to the Hospital San Francisco of Assisi, surgeons performed an emergency operation on his “severe” condition. One member of the crowd who witnessed the incident said,

“There was blood on his neck and a hole in his thigh. The bull was literally shaking him about like a rag doll.”

This report comes just days after another bullfighter suffered an attack by a 1,160lb bull who gored his rear. Antonio Romero was in Mexico City ‘s bull ring when the animal named Caporal punctured him 11 inches deep in his rectal area, causing him to writhe in pain, as can be seen in video footage. Local reports said that Romero was taken to the hospital after the incident where he needed the entire area stitching back together.

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