Bush´s 9/11 Lies: A Complilation

For some, it´s inconceivable to believe that what happened in New York City thirteen years ago- the day the world changed forever- was a plot by the U.S government, to create mass panic that would allow them to use the Twin Tower attack as a justifiable excuse for waging a “War On Terror” on Iraq, Afghanistan, and other oil-rich countries with strategic importance to the Pentagon.

For others who have spent years researching the subject, including many whistle-blowers, architects and experts, there´s no doubt at all that the government itself was behind the attacks. Evidence abounds and continues to grow in volume over a decade later, and one of the most compelling reasons to believe they may actually be correct is that George W. Bush has been caught lying on camera several times.

In the principal video above, the former President slips up when explaining how he discovered the 9/11 attacks were carried out by Al Quaeda. He claims that he first heard of the terror network during a meeting with the head of the CIA George Tennant. However, he´s conveniently forgotten that five minutes earlier in the interview, he seriously slipped up…

In another clip here, we examine a discrepancy between Bush´s comment that he saw the first plane hit the North tower on a TV screen at the time of the event. But the only footage of this tragedy was shot by a team of French film-makers who were in New York that day to shoot a documentary about the city´s firefighters. The footage was never televised. In fact, there was no live coverage at all, so how can we explain his comments?

Finally, here´s Bush talking about advancing his “Freedom Agenda”, and admitting to journalists that Iraq had nothing at all to do with the WTC attacks. Dick Cheney is also a big fat liar and caught out in this clip.

The internet is full of videos that prove we were lied to by the Bush administration on that terrible day. If you want to convince a friend or family member to rethink the official 9/11 story, please share these videos.

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