Buying Furniture For People With Limited Mobility


One of the essential elements to consider when purchasing furniture is functionality. It’s even more apparent when shopping for older adults with limited mobility. When you’re shopping for the house of someone who requires adjustments to move from one area to another, your choices should always be guided by both substance and style.

For independent living, the correct furnishings are critical. They have the potential to significantly improve the quality of life for persons who are physically challenged. If you have a disability, an occupational therapist can help you understand this. This article will assist you in selecting furniture for the elderly and others with restricted mobility.

Before You Go Shopping

When purchasing new furniture, it’s easy to get carried away. As a result, it’s critical to know ahead of time which pieces are best suited for disabled or elderly persons. When you know what you want, you can make more thoughtful judgments.

Begin by clearing up the clutter in your home. Anything that makes navigating the house difficult must be removed. Holding on to items that restrict movement and accessibility is not a good idea.

Create a floor plan after you’ve decluttered. This will serve as a guide when deciding furniture placement. Consider each room in the house independently, as each one serves a distinct function. The furniture you select for your bedroom will be very different from the furniture you buy for your living room.

Make a list of everything you need to buy after you have a plan in place. Conduct basic research and calculate a cost estimate. Be sure to make a list of everything you need to purchase and include it in your project. Ask around or visit stores to establish an estimate. If it exceeds your budget, go back to square one and re-plan. Read on to find out how to buy furniture for an aged loved one with limited mobility.

What To Consider For Each Room

Living room

Consider couches with shorter seat depths and elevated armrests for the place where they’ll be spending the most time with family or guests. They’re easier to lift onto and get off of with little or no assistance. Other fantastic options include recliners and zero gravity seats. Or better yet, go for something sophisticated like the electric recliner lift chair.


A good night’s sleep is essential for everyone, but more so for the physically challenged or old. Choose a low, robust bed that can hold a comfy mattress. Soft materials and neutral tones add to the room’s calm ambiance creating a pleasant mood. Consider bedding that’s made from 100 percent cotton or other organic materials.

Home office

Check to see if the office chair you’re considering can support their weight without causing harm to their health. Because you (or the person you’re shopping for) may be seated for several hours, so the seat you choose must be comfy.

Bottom Line

Purchasing furniture for the disabled and elderly differs from typical shopping because there are more aspects to consider. The pointers mentioned above will undoubtedly assist you throughout the procedure. Overall, making a home accessible to someone with restricted mobility may be fun and rewarding in the end.


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