California Farmer Gifts 700 Acres Of Coastal Land Back To Native American Tribe

150 years ago, the Pomo Native American tribe was forced to move inland and abandon the community’s coastal home in California. They left behind 668 acres of dense redwood forest, dramatic coastline, and the ability to roam and hunt freely for a small, water-poor reservation.

In 1925, the Richardson family purchased the expanse of land and was delighted in its coastal bluffs, waterfalls, and history. One member of the family, however, always knew the land didn’t really belong to them, therefore, donated it back to the Kashia Band of Pomo Indians last week.

As Good News Network reports, the Tribe may now expand its reservation to 18-times its previous size. And, for the first time in over a hundred years, the people will once again be able to enjoy the Pacific coast where they and their ancestors once hunted, fished, and lived free.

It took five years of fundraising by the Sonoma County government, The Trust for Public Land and private foundations and groups for the vision to become a reality. The effort was worth it, however, as the newly established Kashia Coastal Reserve restored ownership of the land to the tribe last week.

Sonoma County contributed two million dollars for the project while another six million was raised by the coalition of groups seeking to buy the property for the Kashia. In exchange, the California Coastal Trail will now extend north for one mile across their land, giving the public access to a cliff walk overlooking the breathtaking stretch of coastline.

KNTV shares (above) that the Tribe will manage the land as protected open space, as well as use the reclaimed land to educate the public about the history and practices of native people in the area.

Credit: News
Credit: The Trust for Public Land/Brendan Moriarty

Similar to Johnny Depp intending to purchase the site of Wounded Knee Massacre and gift it back to Native American tribes, this good news is a reminder that kind people do exist on this planet and are working hard to remedy wrongs carried out in the past.

The land will be available to the Pomo Indians immediately, and Bill Richardson will get to live out his days on the mile-long stretch of property. When he passes, his body will be buried on a hillside overlooking the ocean.

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