Canadian Air Traffic Controllers Show Solidarity By Giving Pizza To Their U.S. Counterparts


Canadian air traffic controllers have sent over 300 pizzas to their American counterparts in nearly 50 control centres all over the country. These Canadians sent the pizza to show solidarity and support for U.S. federal employees that continue working without getting paid, due to the partial shutdown of the U.S. government.

The Canadian controllers wanted to provide a little help, by at least shouldering the cost of their lunch. Without any salary coming in and despite having to go to work – these Americans are feeling problematic about their incoming bills.  Yet with this small act of kindness, their counterparts made them feel grateful that some people still see them, and care for them.


“They just did it on their own, out of the goodness of their heart and, you know, it made you kind of feel like you mattered again.” says Matt Morgan, Boston Tower Controller.

Since the U.S. government partial shutdown started on December 22, roughly 10,000 air traffic controllers, as part of the 24,000 employees in the Federal Aviation Administration have been working long and stressful hours. Their jobs are considered essential, which means they are required to come into work during the shutdown without any idea as to when their next pay check will come in.


As of January 22, 2018, this shutdown has lasted 32 days, and has been the longest in history. It was caused by a disagreement between US president Donald Trump and the democratic party over his demand for federal funds of $5.7 billion to build the U.S.-Mexican wall; after originally claiming that Mexico would pay for the construction.

On January 11, 2019 the National Air Traffic Controllers Association filed a lawsuit to Washington D.C. seeking back payment for any working hours incurred by all employees since the shutdown.

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