Canadians Are Tweeting Compliments About America To Help Citizens Combat Election Anxiety

Credit: SecondNexus
Credit: SecondNexus

With only a minority the American populace in favor of either major party candidate, it seems to be a dismal U.S. presidential election, indeed. Fortunately, America’s neighbor to the north, Canada, is maintaining enough optimism to help U.S. citizens persevere through the anxiety and frustration that have accompanied the present political fiasco.

As SecondNexus relays, The Garden Collective started a massive campaign encouraging Canadian residents to send in videos of themselves reminding America why it’s already great. Riffing on Donald Trump’s campaign slogan, the Toronto-based agency labeled its own “Let’s Tell America It’s Great.”

In the video below, a montage of Canadian participants explain the many ways in which America deserves accolades and support:

“It’s no secret that America is going through a hard time right now,” the agency wrote in a blog post. “The election has exposed some pretty scary realities that will likely challenge them for years to come, regardless of who’s elected. 

The post continues:

“They’ve been bombarded with a tremendous amount of negativity and it’s likely that for many of them, the immediate future seems rather bleak… As their closest friends and neighbors, we thought it was important for us to do something to cut through the negativity and help remind them that no matter how bad things might seem, there are a lot of reasons to believe that America is still pretty great.”

Canadians were also encouraged to tweet comforting messages to America with the hashtag #TellAmericaItsGreat. Some heartening ones follow:

Take heart, America. You’re not alone in this debacle.

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