Cancelled California Wedding Turns Into Magnificent Feast For The Homeless

Nearly 100 of Sacramento’s homeless were fed last Saturday, thanks to one mother’s quick thinking after her daughter’s groom-to-be got cold feet.

When Kari Duane, the mother of the intended bride, learned that the wedding would not take place, she quickly decided that the $35,000 reception would be put to good use and help families in the area going through a rough time.

KCRA News reports that the bride’s family invited a number of homeless individuals and their families to one of California’s best hotels to experience a once-in-a-lifetime kind of feast.

Credit: KCRA News

A grand total of 90 people – including parents with newborn babies – gathered at Citizen House hotel to dine on food from its four-star restaurant. Over 120 guests were originally invited to take part in the marriage celebration, so there was plenty of food to nourish all those who were present. Everything from salad, cauliflower, and gnocchi to salmon and tri-tip were served. Plates were overflowing as the last-minute guests happily dug into the food which would have otherwise just gone in the trash. 

Credit: KCRA News

Said Rashad Abdullah, a homeless man who attended the dinner with his family:

“When you’re going through a hard time and a struggle, for you to get out to do something different with your family is really a blessing.

While the cancelation of her daughter’s wedding was sad for the entire family, Duane was determined to make something positive come out of the unfortunate event.

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