Cannabis Cotton Candy Is The Edible You Didn’t Know Existed But Need

Thanks to innovative entrepreneurs, the legal marijuana market (both recreational and medicinal) is absolutely blossoming. From delectable edibles to top-of-the-line cannabis flowers, consumers can’t get enough of products which include components of the marijuana plant. This is likely because unlike alcohol and pharmaceutical drugs, the THC compound in the herb is capable of relieving stress, pain, and anxiety without providing unsavory side effects. Additionally, CBD in the marijuana plant has been proven to benefit everything from cancer and seizures to Alzheimer’s and dementia. Did we mention that zero people have died from utilizing the herb?

For those who love to treat themselves and put only the best ingredients into their bodies, cannabis-infused cotton candy is the next edible to try. Produced by B-Edibles, a company based in San Diego, California, the “candy floss” debuted in February and is already a crowd-pleaser. The product was invented by Vanessa Corrales and contains 100 milligrams of THC, –  enough to get one moderately “high” approximately 10 times (10 milligrams is an average serving).

The cotton candy floss comes in rose, watermelon, apple and lavender flavors, and is made from non-GMO organic sugar crystals, CO2 cannabis oil, and organic flavors. It contains absolutely no artificial sweeteners or flavors.

In an interview with True Activist, Corrales disclosed that she was inspired to create the edible to shatter stereotypes about consuming marijuana (and because cotton candy is delicious). She wrote,

“Being a Latina, it’s really difficult for me to start a conversation about Cannabis with close family and friends because it’s still seen as such a bad “thing”. In order for me to break the ice (so to speak) I knew I needed to create something completely opposite of what I grew up thinking cannabis was.”

Credit: @B-Edibles/Instagram

She added that the product which is “bright and colorful, brought happiness and smiles to people [and] didn’t immediately create that barrier or wall people put up when talking about touchy subjects like consuming cannabis.”

Only California verified medical marijuana patients can get this sweet medicine at the moment. According to Corrales, the best method of obtaining the edible is to request it at a local dispensary where one is a registered patient, then visit the B-Edibles stand at local events, such as the San Diego Cannabis Farmers Market which took place on April 15th. B-Edibles also caters events, including wedding, bridal showers, and house parties.

“Everyone loves cotton candy, it goes back to childhood, having fun at the fair with your family,” the cannabis entrepreneur told Jane Street Journal.

Credit: @B-Edibles/Instagram

The company’s fresh, flirty, pop feminine brand is definitely refreshing in an industry which is predominantly run by males.

“At every medical cannabis event that I went to, all the other awesome companies went with neutral colors, blacks, that vibe, but that’s not what I’m about,” says Corrales. “I’m all about fun and color. This plant is helping so many people and we need to be happy about it.” 

However, B-Edibles also prides itself on being a sophisticated, award-winning edible maker. Shortly after launching in February, the company won second place for best edibles at the San Diego Cannabis Farmers Market. Such shouldn’t come as a surprise, as Corrales has been working in the food and beverage industry her entire career.

Credit: @B-Edibles/Instagram

“I have been working in food and beverage my whole career. I’ve been part of food and beverage teams for 5 star 5 diamond hotels, managed hotel banquet teams, was the restaurant manager for a large local brewery and before jumping into cannabis I managed a multi-unit coffee roasting company,” she told True Activist.

“Food and Beverage has always been part of who I am so when it was time to make the move to cannabis it was a matter of joining forces with local Chef Rachel Feil and my local cannabis community to get all the information I needed to be compliant and understand how cannabis works when creating edibles,” she added. “This industry is moving at the speed of light, I never stop learning there is always room for improvement.”

Credit: @B-Edibles/Instagram

Patients in California are bound to love this product as it gives a whole new meaning to the saying “a spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down.”

“I wish I had this option when my endometriosis was at its worst, instead I got long hospital stays and got pumped with pills that made me crazy!” stated Corrales. “I’m hoping patients can ‘B’ themselves while consuming cannabis and use B cotton candy as a medicated sweet treat in their cannabis routine. We use all organic ingredients to satisfy our sweet tooth without the guilt of artificial flavors and GMOs.”

Credit: @B-Edibles/Instagram

Learn more by visiting the B-Edibles website.

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