‘Cards Against Humanity’ Creator Promises To Buy And Publish Congress’s Internet History

The creator of the popular game vowed to purchase the browsing history of every member of Congress so they might know what it's like to have one's personal data auctioned off.

Credit: Distractify

A large percent of United States citizens are understandably upset that state representatives recently voted to reverse a landmark FCC privacy rule, which essentially would allow Internet Service Providers (such as Time Warner Cable, Verizon, AT&T and Comcast) to sell customers’ private data to any company that wants it.

Once Verge posted a list of all 265 representatives and the amount of money they received to sell users’ private information, the motivations behind many of the members’ votes became crystal clear. Check out that information here.

Some have started crowdfunding campaigns to raise the funds to buy the browsing history of every member of Congress. However, it’s the promise of Max Temkin, founder of the popular game ‘Cards Against Humanity’, that’s proven to be most note-worthy.

If the unpopular bill passes, Temkin has vowed to “buy the browser history of every congressman and congressional aide and publish it.” Perhaps then those who sold out the public’s rights would know what it’s like to have their personal data auctioned off.


Temkin warned against Kickstarter campaigns as one can never truly know who is behind the project. He also stated on Twitter that he’d use his own personal wealth to purchase the condemning data.




As Distractify shares, some people are pointing out that certain members of Congress have a lot to be afraid of.

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