Cat Survives Canadian Wildfire By Hiding In Kitchen Stove



Good news isn’t just a joy to stumble upon, it’s a necessity in today’s harsh world. And, what could be more positive than a cat found relatively unharmed after a raging wildfire consumed its home?

The feline, named Tux, was found by a crew fighting the Fort McMurray wildfire in Alberta, Canada, but in the most surprising location: the kitchen stove.

Rescuers believe that a gas explosion blew out the glass on the front of the oven, allowing Tux to hop inside before another blast toppled the stove. By some miracle, the cat was trapped but protected from the heat and flames.

After being found by firefighters, the kitty’s paws were bandaged and his picture was put on social media where Jody Lishchynsky recognized her feline friend. You can imagine the delight she and her family felt upon being reunited with Tux.

Like many Ft. McMurray residents, the Lishchynsky family had only 15 minutes warning of the fire’s approach. In the chaos, Tux was trapped behind the fire line. The family had been gathering what they could carry when the fire jumped the highway and raced toward them.

The family’s dog was loaded into their truck along with other items, but when they circled back to rescue the cats, the house had already been encircled by the fire.

Thanks to social media and a dash of good luck, they were reunited with Tux not long after the fire passed on.

Lishchynsky told The Canadian Press:

“I don’t know why that fireman looked in that stove. That’s just beyond me. Sure enough, there’s the little frigger.”

The family later learned that another of their beloved cats had escaped the fire, as well.

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