Celebrities Who Are Jerks In Real Life

Source: True Activist

To quote the band Radiohead’s popular hit song, ”I’m a creep… I’m a weirdo. What the heck am I doing here… I don’t belong here.” Many of us can relate to the lyrics, nobody is perfect after all. But some imperfections have a greater stigma than others. And movie personalities are not exempted.

Most movie stars become our idols, we cherish their personas on screen. After all they are special, they get paid big bucks to entertain us, and most have the looks to die for. But what about their real lives? Are they like the characters they portray? Some are, actually, some even better. But some have a dark side in real life. Be it due to drug or alcohol abuse, abnormal behavior, major character flaws, their money can’t conceal what they really are…jerks. And money can’t buy acceptance from their peers, as well as the public.

Read on to find out which celebrities are jerks in real life.

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