Check Out The Wittiest Comebacks To Islamophobic Comments Online


It’s such a satisfying feeling to automatically have the best comeback to an argument that the other person gets so schooled in their own game, they don’t even post a reply anymore.

The topic of religious differences (aside from politics, of course) is one of the most argued topics in our world today.  Without being fully educated in knowing the different religions thoroughly, one will never really understand the depth and difference of each that was created thousands of years ago.

Check out these witty comebacks to Islamophobes when they definitely deserved to get called out for everyone to see. These responses just show how there are so many that share their opinions with a lack of rationale behind it, that they really deserve to be challenged.

Scroll down these hilarious conversations that would also teach us a thing or two about cross cultural knowledge. These replies deserve all the attention they can get.




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