Chickens Are Really Smart And Feel Emotions Just Like Us

This clip is taken from documentary film Fowl Play, in which animal behaviorist Jonathan Balcombe explains how chickens are sentient animals and have complex social interactions. They feel a range of emotions, including fear or distress, and have over 35 different calls to communicate specific messages to each other.

In the past we assumed that birds’ brains are driven only by instinct, but we now know that this isn’t true. Chickens have displayed cognitive function abilities that are similar to our own, and other studies have confirmed that chickens are even capable of feeling and expressing compassion for other members of their group.

This is an interesting interview, but it’s followed by an inconvenient question: if chickens are so intelligent and sensitive, why don’t we all buy organic eggs? By buying the cheapest chicken and eggs from battery hens to save money, people are supporting factory farmingChickens enjoy perching in trees when living free, and anyone who has ever kept them at home will say that healthy, happy chickens lay the tastiest eggs. If you think this video could have a positive impact on your friends’ and family’s buying habits, please consider sharing it! You might also be interested in these ten great reasons for going vegan.

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