Considering Bypass to Lose Weight? 5 Alternative Solutions to the Knife.

healthylifeBy: Amanda Froelich,

True Activist.

Contemplating whether or not to go under the knife just for the sake of shedding some weight? Although the long term success rate is minimal – with most individuals re-gaining a large percentage of weight loss back after Bariatric surgery – the dangerous procedure has still risen 530% in the last 5 years. The top promoted treatment for weight loss ignores the fundamental reason regarding the cause of obesity and instead aims to offer a ‘quick fix’ solution.

This misguided alternative doesn’t only emotionally burden an individual, but financially can bury the seeker of a trimmer waist. The average cost for stomach stapling surgery is around $22,000. Numbers like these make one wonder why healthy eating is perpetrated to be seen as expensive when emotional grief, financial burden, and a ‘band aid’ solution are only part of the 220 billion dollars spent on preventative lifestyle issues.

The healthy approach may not be seen as the easy way, but the preventative route has a much cheaper price tag in all aspects and is the only way to have long-term success with weight loss along with a healthy, lower-risk life.

The following 5 tips will help guide you in the natural, most intelligent way to heal your body through wholesome living; In effect it will be easier than ever to shed excess pounds in a much less stressful and healthier way.

1. Understand WHY you’re overweight

For every effect, there is a cause. Whether or not it’s related to being overweight or contracting a health issue in this time period, there is direct correlation with many studies that diet is the predominant factor.

Along with the incidence of Diabetes, Heart Disease, mental illnesses (depression, Alzheimers, and more), and Stroke, for example, the epidemic of Obesity has only grown as the intake of low-nutrition, high-calorie processed foods have increased as well. With the average household consuming 70% of their fare from refined carbohydrates, refined sugars, high-fat animal proteins, and unhealthy preservatives and additives, there is a deficit of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, unprocessed grains, and lean meats like fish being consumed. Most doctors promote a diet in low-inflammatory foods like the fresh options listed above.

For many reasons the ‘typical’ diet high in acid-promoting, low-nutrient, high calorie ingredients may cause weight gain. From toxins being stored in fat cells to over-consumption of low quality calories, it’s an unsustainable diet that is causing low oxygenation and disease in the body.

Truly, being overweight is a symptom of an unhealthy lifestyle and is your body’s messenger to not only save itself (reduce toxemia by holding water, thus aiding the adrenals), but by also sending a message that it is being poisoned.

You are overweight because what you are consuming is not right for the human being. It’s time to clean up your diet and take personal responsibility for your health – something a stomach stapling will not do.

2. Start ADDING healthy foods to your lifestyle

No one wants to feel deprived; instead of stressing on what to cut out on your healthy journey, start slow by just adding wholesome plant foods to your diet! This is as simple as having a green smoothie in the morning. An example recipe follows:

Green Smoothie

3 Bananas

1 handful of greens (spinach has the most neutral taste)

1 Cup Frozen Fruit (Mango, Strawberries, Blueberries)

½ Cup Orange Juice

*optional: Green Powder

Choosing to include a smoothie such as the one above will ensure you are in-taking a breakfast that is high in fiber, abundant in nutrients and minerals, very hydrating, and optimally alkalizing. These are all essential for a healthy body, and the more full-fiber, hydrating foods you consume that are low in calories and rich in nutrients, the easier it will be to lose weight and in effect also feel great.

3. Move your body… In a way that is fun for you!

A lovely side effect of consuming hydrating, healing plant foods is that a more oxygenated body has more energy. Use this beneficial side effect to engage in activity at least 3 times a week! This doesn’t have to be exercise, but instead an activity that is enjoyable, such as bike riding with your kids, playing tennis, sweating through a volleyball match, or swimming laps at a pace that fits you.

Exercise has been continually proven to be a beneficial modality to reduce weight, increase oxygenation, improve detoxification, and stimulate immune system. Only good can be achieved by choosing to create a habit of healthy movement.

4. Uncover the emotional aspect as to WHY you consume more food than necessary – aside from the physical addiction aspect.

Processed, junk foods have been proven to be as addictive as cocaine, as blood sugar imbalance underlies most mental and hormone fluctuations. Biochemically, the release of cortisol, adrenaline, and insulin can be pinpointed as the natural coping mechanism as to which the body uses with culprit foods (refined sugars and carbohydrates, processed meats and packaged foods, fast foods, and caffeine) and in effect becomes addicted.

However, one aspect that is hardly ever delved into with either doctors, family members, or supporters of those seeking Bariatric Surgery is the underlying reason which causes binge eating.

Food may taste good, but why does one turn to a bucket of ice cream when they don’t feel good? Instead of pinpointing the increase of Serotonin on the likely reason, think: is there an individual in your life that is emotionally causing abuse? Are you unhappy with your job? Do you wish you had a better relationship with your parents? The only true cure from these issues is to face up to them and decide to change them. You are in control, but only if you choose to acknowledge and feel what has been suppressed; emotion is not a weakness, but the longer you push it down, the less control you may feel you have.

5. Affirm that you are your best self right NOW.

You are perfectly created and your weight does not define you, but by choosing to live a healthier lifestyle your mental, physical, and emotional bodies will come into balance. The only way you will ever be happy is to accept yourself in whatever form or shape you may be in right now. Those who have sights only on the future will never appreciate where the journey leads them until they can perceive where they are at on the road right now. Enjoy your efforts, embrace your infinite perfection which has no physical imitations, and acknowledge that surgery is not the only option to achieve your healthy weight and vibrant health.

All in all, these five key points are to help you understand and adopt a new perspective comparing Bypass surgery and alternative, preventative lifestyle methods to lose weight and achieve glowing health. Truly, any option that offers a ‘quick fix’ or surgical method is not a true cure, but instead a ‘band aid’ solution to a lifestyle issue. Own up to what choices and lifestyle habits have influenced your bodily health and embark on a holistic and long-term plan to secure your healthiest weight. Employ the talents and passions of those who support you on your journey- a personal trainer, nutritionist, friends in a Meet up group, and/or a psychotherapist. You deserve to feel and look great, take control of your life and make it happen.


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