Cop Steals $30,000 Worth Of Cash, Drugs And Weapons From Police Department

Photo: Youtube
Photo: Youtube

The Simpsonville Police Department was recently the victim of a massive robbery, in which $30,000 in cash, drugs and guns were stolen from an evidence room. However, an investigation uncovered that it was actually an inside job, carried out by an officer who had worked at the department for over two years.

According to police, officer Terry Putnam broke into the police department and then the evidence room on November 6 of 2015, around 1 a.m. Putnam made off with whatever he could grab, and ended up taking home thousands of dollars worth of money, weapons and drugs.

It was hours before any other police officers learned that the department had been broken into, and Putnam was long gone before anyone arrived on the scene.

The next day, Simpsonville Police launched a formal investigation and audit of the evidence room with the assistance of the Kentucky State Police.

“During the investigation, he became a suspect. He’s worked for that department for about two and a half years,” a Kentucky State Police spokesperson said.

Although Putnam was only with this department for a few years, he has been a police officer for over two decades.

Interestingly enough, Putnam has continued to maintain his innocence and claims that there is evidence to prove that he is not responsible for the robbery.

“I’m innocent check the surveillance, I was on my way home,” Putnam said as he was being carried away in handcuffs.

Putnam says that video surveillance taken at a nearby gas station would prove that he was not at the police department at the time of the break-in. However, employees from the gas station have already told reporters that they no longer have video from that time period.

Putnam is currently facing charges of theft by unlawful taking of a firearm, first-degree criminal mischief, theft by unlawful taking of a controlled substance, official misconduct, first-degree burglary, theft by unlawful taking over $10,000, and tampering with physical evidence.

It is not clear how Putnam was named as a suspect, but it was reported that the department required all of its employees to take lie detector tests, and Putnam refused the test. The Kentucky State Police have refused to comment any further on the evidence that they have against Putnam.

On Tuesday, Putnam’s lawyer Brian Butler asked for a lower bond because the disgraced officer is allegedly being threatened in jail.

“His incarceration is much worse than anyone else’s because of 24-7 lights on isolation, not specifically based on anything he did in the jail, but based upon what he did for a living prior to this charge,” Butler said.

“He’s advised me he’s already had three credible threats made by inmates in that jail. He has known about this investigation since Nov. 6, when he was questioned about it. So he certainly, at that point in time, if he intended to flee, certainly he had the opportunity to flee. He did not,” Butler added.

Putnam has pleaded not guilty to the charges against him and is expected to appear in court on January 21st.

The Kentucky State Police could not be reached for comment about their case against Putnam.

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