CSU Opens Slaughterhouse On Campus To Teach Students About Killing Animals

It is important consumers know where their food comes from, but is this going too far?

Credit: The Star

Despite the demand for animal products, primarily beef, declining in the United States, a university in Fort Collins Colorado, has opened a facility in which students will learn about killing live animals. The slaughterhouse will be located near the library on the Colorado State University campus.

The project was sponsored by meat giant JBS and cost a total of $12.4 million dollars. As Mercy for Animals relays, the company recently made headlines for bribing Brazilian politicians and for selling rotting meat.

According to Kevin Pond, head of CSU’s Department of Animal Sciences, the facility will educate students on a number of tasks involved in handling and “processing” livestock. He commented:

“We do not currently have a space on- or off-campus for students to learn these processes first-hand. For educational purposes, the full range of animal handling and processing will take place in the facility.”

Though it is important people know where their food comes, some are concerned that having a slaughterhouse on campus will traumatize students. This is because studies have confirmed that slaughterhouse workers face physical dangers and psychological problems. In result, it is not uncommon for employees of meat factories to develop PTSD.

Unsurprisingly, a slaughterhouse can also be an incredibly unsafe environment. According to a Government Accountability Office report, 151 meat and poultry workers suffered fatal injuries from 20104 to 2013. That’s an average of about two workers each month.

Because approximately 12% of millennials are vegetarian, it makes sense that installing the slaughterhouse on campus has upset many. Individuals are “Tweeting” #NoCSUSlaughterhouse to raise awareness about the controversial curriculum. What are your thoughts? Please comment below and share this news!

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