Dad Kidnaps His Own Kids – Cops Are Stunned Where He Hid Them

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Lund is a ghost town. Nothing but tumbleweeds for miles at a time. There are about 20 residents within a 15-mile radius, which meant that if a person would shout for help, no one would hear it. Its most prominent mark was an old railway junction that was left to rot years before. No trains headed that way. One might spot a car on the road, but chances are, it was just passing through. No one was there to stop for the night.

More importantly, no one would even think about settling down in the area, save for the present dwellers.

Perfect Spot

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Nobody would think about going to Lund, that is, unless they were criminals. This was the perfect spot for hiding innocent children because cops hardly roamed the area. And if they were to cry out for help, not even an amplifier would help them at this point. Yes, this was a good place for cults to hide their doomsday children. But no one knew that until two innocent girls were taken from their mother.

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