Deaf Guy Adopts A Deaf Rescue Puppy, They Communicate In Sign Language And Instantly Form An Unbreakable Bond


Many people are now realizing the importance of adopting dogs from shelters, instead of buying them from stores or breeders. Many people are choosing to giving homeless or abandoned animals a new home where they will be treated with the love and care they so deserve. 

However, adopting homeless dogs too, has its downside. For example, older and sick or disabled dogs are always left in shelters because people don’t think that they are ‘adoptable’ enough. Not many are willing to take on the responsibility to care for a sick or disabled, elderly dog. This makes it all the better when one of them gets accepted into a new and loving home. 


31-year-old Nick Abbot from Maine was born deaf. Recently, he purchased a home with his new best friend Emerson – his dog that is also deaf. The people from NFR Maine that rescues and fosters homeless animals took in Emerson from a Florida shelter when he was a month and a half old to send him up north. This black Labrador mix suffers from seizures and canine parvovirus but being the lucky puppy that he is, once he overcame all these sicknesses, he made it to the adoption list! 

Lindsay Powers from NFR Maine came out on Good Morning America and said that Emerson was hearing impaired when he was brought back from the vet. They didn’t have information whether he was born deaf or something affected his hearing when he was younger. That didn’t stop Emerson from being his loving, caring and happy self. Fortunately for him, while his young life has been challenging, he still got the happy story all puppies deserve. 


Last March 2019, Powers posted about Emerson on social media to try and get him adopted into a kind and loving family. Within a couple of weeks, Abbott contacted them inquiring about Emerson. He also mentioned to NFR that he was deaf and knew that he would instantly bond with the puppy. In less than 24 hours, Powers finished all the adoption papers to make this happen. 

When Abbott and Emerson met, they had an instant connection. According to Abbott’s mom Richelle, those two are meant to be together. Watching the way Emerson relies and trusts his human is amazing. Abbott has also started teaching Emerson sign language and began with simple commands such as sit, come here and lie down. Richelle finds it just irresistible that Emerson lets out a bark every time her son touches his ear. 

Dogs are truly man’s best friend, and this pair is truly lucky to have found each other. 



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