Here’s The Mock Ad Doritos Do Not Want You To See.

It is sometimes difficult to see the devastating effects of consuming products like Doritos but luckily it is ads like this that help us to stay in touch with reality!  If companies were forced to use slogans that really represented them theirs would probably have read, “Doritos. Contain Traces of Rainforest”.

Some of the Doritos flavours use palm oil. Palm oil production destroys rainforests and threatens species to the point of extinction. is a world-wide movement focused on creating a better global economy. They want governments to answer to people, not corporations. Their focus is on ethical consumerism, from the sourcing of products to the rights of workers to fair treatment.

They strive for a world that puts the needs of people and the environment above short-sighted greed for the good of all of us and our world.They’re using people power, people like you, to expose the one weakness of the corporations ruining our planet: they need us to buy their products. We’ve got the advantage.

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