40 Disturbing Attacks That Will Make You Never Want To Go Back To The Zoo

Photo source: Ranker

Fences have been set up around animal enclosures in zoos for good reasons. It’s a form of warning for humans to keep their distance so that animals can keep theirs.

But no matter how cautious the zoo management may be, it seems that terrifying encounters between visitors and wild animals including bears, lions, and tigers are bound to happen one way or another. It also seems that some animal rights are neglected, exposing them to health risks.

The following are 40+ such instances which serve as a reminder of why it’s always a good idea to follow the rules when stepping inside a zoo, as well as why animals are better off in the wild where they rightfully belong.

1. A free admission to the tiger enclosure that went horribly wrong.

At the Youngor Wildlife Park in Ningbo, China, a man named Zhang climbed over a three-meter wall into the tiger enclosure. According to the zoo’s statement, the man did this to avoid paying the entrance fee. The curious thing was that his wife and children were already inside the zoo with tickets fully paid for. The man breached the enclosure and went close to the tigers while they were eating. One of the tigers attacked and bit him in the neck and dragged him into the trees while two other tigers looked on. Zhang attempted to break free from the tiger’s stranglehold several times, but each time the tiger pushed him down. Firecrackers and water cannon were used to fend off the beasts, but zookeepers were forced to take down one of the tigers with a gunshot. It took an hour before Zhang was retrieved from the animals. He was rushed to the hospital, but he died because of his injuries.

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