Disturbing Online Competition Encourages Kids To Go Missing- Cops Furious

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In today’s world, social media rules every aspect of many people’s lives. And while some adults manage to just use it as a way to pass the time, kids, on the other hand, treat it as a lifeline. The influence of sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YoutTube and the like, have created a world where children believe their self-esteem rests highly on what others think of them. And so cruel people attempt to take advantage of this, creating disturbing games just like the 48-hour challenge in order to make these kids believe that they will only be considered cool by the standards of popularity.

See the game that took Facebook by storm, and how it’s making every parent wish that their kids never opened an account in the first place.

The Power Of Social Media

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The world has been seemingly run over by social media. In fact, social networking sites are so popular that jobs like ‘social media influencer’ and ‘blogger’ have become common, household jobs that no one even needs to graduate from college to get. Seriously all you need is to just have a crazy amount of followers on whatever choice of mass media site you prefer.

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