Dog With Disability Abandoned On A Street With A Broken Wheelchair And Box Of Diapers


This paralyzed dog was left tied  up outside a shop in Argentina, simply because her owners didn’t want to take care of her anymore. Sadly, a lot of dogs with disabilities do not get adopted from shelters for obvious reasons – many people simply want to adopt healthy dogs as they are cuter and easier to care of.

Lunita was a dog that thought she had been adopted by the right family… until the day came when she needed them most.  Getting paralyzed in the lower part of her body made her a problem this family did not want, and so they abandoned her leaving a broken wheelchair and a box of diapers as their idea of mercy for their once cared for pet. It was somebody else’s problem now.


No animal deserves to be cruelly treated and this was definitely cruel for Lunita. A passerby took pity on her and brought her to a local veterinarian who was able to make her a new wheelchair. With this help, Lunita had a new breath of life. Her rescuers wanted to find her a new family who would love and care for her, especially after her horrifying ordeal. A family was interested to adopt Lunita, but were forced to return her to the shelter. When the shelter went online with the story, there was a tremendous response.

Everyone wanted the best for Lunita, they could feel her pain and longing to be loved. They wished a good family would care for her as she so deserved.


Well the wish soon came true. Lunita is now living in the USA with her new caring family. Her pictures of joy capture her living the life she so much deserved. She was even give a brand new wheelchair by the people of Eddie’s Wheels…making it easier for her to move around with her family.

Sadly, shortly after her 11th birthday, she fell gravely ill, and eventually passed away. Lunita’s mother posted on Facebook how much love was shared between them, and how their lives have been changed by Lunita. She will not be forgotten.

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