“Dont Comply” Activists Break The Law To Feed The Homeless In Dallas

Photo: Youtube
Photo: Youtube

A group of activists have been making waves in Dallas, Texas recently by intentionally breaking laws that they feel are unjust, in some very interesting ways. This week, the group calling themselves “Don’t Comply” began feeding the homeless without permission from the city, which is required by law. The law requires anyone who wants to share food with more than 75 people to receive permission from the city, get a permit and pay a fee.

Don’t Comply defied the order with their “Feed the Need event” which they host every year. It wasn’t long after they began that code enforcers from the city showed up to serve them paperwork and insist that they get a permit. Lead organizer Murdoch Pizgatti told the city workers that he had no intention of filling out their paperwork.

The effort was able to feed hundreds of homeless people throughout the day, and many members even donated warm winter clothes and other necessities.

Surprisingly, feeding the homeless is being outlawed across the US, with many cities require fees and permits for the simple act of charity.

Interestingly enough, Don’t Comply made headlines earlier this month for an entirely different type of protest. In addition to being advocates for the homeless, Don’t Comply is also heavily involved in gun rights and open carry activism. Earlier this month, they staged a mock mass shooting at “gun free zones” to demonstrate how long it took police to arrive. Their protest was controversial, but actually changed the minds of many who rely on police as their only source of protection.

One of the biggest obstacles that homeless people face is actually the police and the government, as we reported this week, in the early morning of December 15th, Denver police forced dozens of homeless community members of Resurrection Village into blizzard conditions. Since their tiny homes action on Oct. 24th, Resurrection Village members have been sleeping near various unused empty lots owned by the Denver Housing Authority and had set up tents the night before to provide temporary shelter from the impending snowstorm.

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