Drone Built In Iran Saves People From Drowning

rescuedroneiranLast month we reported on the story of an inventor in the Netherlands who developed an ambulance drone that was designed to save lives, instead of take them.

Now this week, young engineers in Iran have announced the deployment of a lifeguard drone, that will patrol along the Caspian Sea coast, where over a thousand people drown every year.

The company responsible for this revolutionary idea is RTS Labs, based in Tehran.

The drones are powered with solar generators and use a combination of infrared cameras and high intensity lights to find people who are lost in the water.

Back in August, they unveiled a prototype of the invention for their first live demonstration, where they proved how quickly their drone worked to save swimmers. In tests, a trained lifeguard took 91 seconds to complete a rescue, while the lifeguard drone took just 22 seconds.

RTS Labs is not stopping there either, they are currently in the planning stages of developing a drone that will clean up oil spills.

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