Edible Cutlery Isn’t Only Tasty, It’s Reducing Plastic Pollution [Watch]

Few people think about the plastic they regularly throw away, but these edible spoons are helping to change that. Whenever one consumes a satisfying meal with these edible utensils  – which are made from millet, rice, and wheat, they can eat the spoon, fork, or knife afterward!

The innovative concept was presented by Narayan Peesapaty, an Indian designer who believes environmental protection has been – and always will be – mankind’s responsibility. After learning that India throws away 120 billion pieces of plastic cutlery every year, he knew there had to be an alternative solution.

As the video above relays, Peesapaty founded Bakey’s edible cutlery, which is offering folks affordable – and tasty – alternatives to cheap plastic cutlery. The spoons, forks, and knives are made without any preservatives and have a shelf life of more than three years. In addition, the spoons are available in dozens of different flavors – such as garlic, ginger, mint, and lemon.

Narayana says on his website:

“Change is inevitable. Before this change can overtake and overwhelm us, we should be the instruments of positive change”.

Credit: BetterIndia
Credit: BetterIndia

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