Enticing South American Country Offers The Best Choice For Retirement Living

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We work hard for our money. From the time we enter the interview room for our first job, to the time we clear our office desk one last time, we give our best in everything we do in the hopes of setting aside enough riches to live on as we ride towards the sunset of our lives. Unfortunately for millions of people who retire after years of toiling, the challenge of making ends meet while enjoying this new found freedom can be quite daunting.

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With the rising cost of living in the United States alone, retirees are having a difficult time deciding where to best spend their golden years without breaking the bank.

One country in South America is making a good argument for making it the top choice among places to retire, boasting value for money without sacrificing the best life can offer.

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Costa Rica, a beautiful tropical paradise near the Equator, is now considered as a retirement haven with its natural beauty, low cost of living, non-existent crime rate and sustainable energy programs being but a few of the many reasons to move there.


Watch the short video below offering a glimpse of why Costa Rica is the world’s best place to retire.

Costa Rica is the best country in the world to retire

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Posted by World Economic Forum on Saturday, September 15, 2018


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