European Union Plans On Building A “Moon Village” In The Next Ten Years

Photo: Pixabay
Photo: Pixabay

According to recent announcements, the European Union plans to have astronauts living on the moon by 2030. 200 scientists and engineers have started working to build a moon village, which should be completed in the next decade.

It has also been said that the lunar base can eventually replace the International Space Station.

The European Space Agency (ESA) has planned to construct the Moon Village with lunar soil. First, structures will be created by 3D printing technology and then robots will do the labor and assemble them.

This whole idea was confirmed recently in the Netherlands, where a conference was held and astronauts shared their goals for the next 15 years. Construction work at this lunar base will begin in 5 years. Representatives of the ESA say that the moon base would not only be a permanent home for humans, but it will also help them do their research and launch new missions.

Researchers have also said that a space station on the Moon would help with recent missions on Mars. NASA in America wants to send astronauts to an asteroid and then plan to land on the surface of Mars, whereas ESA director general thinks that it would be a better idea to set up a base on the Moon.

Nasa’s Kathy Lourini said, “The ESA-space exploration strategy sets the moon as a priority destination for humans on the way to Mars. The time is right to get started on the capabilities which allow Europe to meet its exploration objectives and ensures it remains a strong partner as humans begin to explore the solar system”.

“The recent talk on a “Moon Village” certainly has generated a lot of positive energy in Europe,” she added.

NexGen Space LLC, a consultant company for NASA, estimates that a refueling station on the Moon would “reduce the cost to NASA of sending humans to Mars by as much as US $10 billion every year”.

In 2013, ESA determined that to build buildings and houses on the moon, there is no need to transport gigantic resources from the Earth, in fact, the best material for the construction on there would the local material.

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