Everyone Needs To Hear This 3rd Grade Teacher’s Valuable Lesson About Life

Credit: Jasmyn Wright
Credit: Jasmyn Wright

Sometimes, life can be tough. But rather than give up, it is imperative to push through. Obstacles – such as negativity, unfortunate life circumstances, and lack of resources – might seem like they are presenting the end of the world, but they aren’t. The truth is, one can only go as far as they believe is possible, and it’s this lesson that a third-grade teacher in Philadelphia seeks to teach her students.

In an inspirational video uploaded to Facebook, third-grade teacher Jasmyn Wright took a moment to teach her students an important lesson about never giving up. The simple – but effective – call and response exercise not only invigorated the students, it has inspired millions around the globe.

As can be viewed below, Wright asked her students: “What if it’s too hard?”

They responded with, “I’m gonna push through!”

What if it’s too tough?” she asked.

I’m gonna push through!” they replied.

What if you’re too young?” she pestered.

“That ain’t true!” they affirmed.

The spoken poet uploaded the video to Facebook with the caption:

“[I am] humbled. Look at my babies shine. Anybody, any race, any religion, any ethnicity, any gender, any orientation, any location, any disability, any age, any height, any setting, any hardship, any confusion, any doubt, any distraction, or any story, can #PushThrough.”

Teaching my 3rd grade black and brown babies to #PushThrough today. Due to unwelcoming, unsettling, and uncomfortable election results, this was our lesson for the day.

Posted by Jasmyn Wright on Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The lesson came at an invaluable time, considering that hate crimes in the U.S. have increased since Donald Trump became President-elect. People share more similarities than differences. Perhaps recognizing this will inspire more compassion from others in the future.

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