Exposed: Fox “News” Fearmongering And Lies On Muslim ‘No-Go-Zones’

For those of us living in Europe, Fox’s coverage of the Parisian attacks on the Charlie Hebdo office has been at best hilarious and at worst ridiculous. Fox has an obsession with so-called ‘No-Go Zones’, and has spent the last couple of weeks repeating false and dangerous information that there are towns and cities all over Europe where it’s not safe for non-Muslims to go. This is a blatant lie. It’s becoming increasingly obvious that Fox anchors and pundits simply make up stories and ‘facts’ to fit with their overall aim of spreading fear and causing divisions on a continent which prides itself on diversity, tolerance and multiculturalism.

In Paris, Fox news pinpointed dangerous areas of the city which they compared to Iraq and Afghanistan, places where “men wear Bin Laden T shirts”, according to one ‘journalist’ who said these places were “scary.” Luckily, the French equivalent of The Daily Show, Le Petit Journal, was quick to show how ridiculous these claims are. Taking a camera to the streets, they conducted vox-pops with members of the public to ask whether Fox News has a point. The hilarious results make Fox look dumb, to say the least…this is worth watching!

Not only that, but the above video (produced by The Young Turks) clearly shows how repetition of key phrases (in this case, ‘No-Go Zones’) are used by Fox News to literally hypnotize and brainwash viewers into accepting lies as fact. Fox News has become a parody of itself: can anyone really take them seriously after this?

Update: Last Saturday, in the wake of Le Petit Journal exposing them as liars, Fox News was forced into issuing an apology for these false claims.

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