Family Received Over $87 Million After Being Unknowingly Poisoned On Vacation


Many families can become quite meticulous about planning their vacations. Not only do they decide on the perfect place usually based on what they want to do, they also plan way in advance. For the Esmonds, they couldn’t wait to finally head from Delaware to the beautiful and sunny Caribbean city of St. John located in the US Virgin Islands. That was, at least, until four days into their long-awaited trip. Rather than waking up to another gorgeous day, they were being airlifted by medics to a hospital back in America.

The vacation of their dreams had turned into their worst nightmare, and they are still living it until this very day.

The Esmond Family


The Esmonds were a happy family of four from Delaware. 49-year old dad Steve, 48-year old mom Theresa, and their two sons 14-year old Ryan and 16-year old Sean, were all excited for their trip to the US Virgin Islands, thinking about all the days they would be able to soak in the sun and enjoy their family time together. That was, at least, until things would go horribly wrong.

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