Fearless Teen Cousins Saved A Bunch Of Koalas By Loading Them Into Their Car As Kangaroo Island Is Left Ablaze

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Two teen cousins have taken the responsibility of rescuing as many injured koalas as they possibly can after the wildfires destroyed the marsupials’ home located in Kangaroo Island.

These fearless teenagers took a video and shared it on Reddit last week as they went loaded as much koalas as they could inside their car and drove off to search for help.

You can hear one of the teens on the video clip saying: “This is our little koala rescue. We are just trying to collect as many live ones as we can,” while focusing the video on the mother koala holding onto her joey.

People on social media all over the world have been in absolute shock at the devastating impact of the bushfires in Australia and how it has consumed the country’s wildlife, plant life and even farm animal life.

One person commented on the video footage saying:

 “They look so terrified and exhausted. The world needs more people like your cousins.”

Another commented: “As an American who hasn’t been to Australia, this is mind blowing to me. Koalas seem so exotic and fantastical that I assumed they were hard to spot in the wild, let alone being able to just grab them. Major respect for these kind people who are saving them.”

“The world is a better place with your cousins in it. It is an absolute travesty what is happening. I hope your family remains safe,” said another viewer.

Koalas were initially introduced to island in the 1920’s whom were free from Chlamydia, unlike those living in the mainland. When their population grew to 50,000, some islanders had already considered these marsupials as pests.

In Kangaroo Island alone, thousands of these marsupials are believed to have perished in the wildfires.

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Part owner of the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park, Sam Mitchell told Guardian Australia that 50 injured koalas have already been brought to them. He said that “at least a third of what has been brought in we’ve had to euthanise, unfortunately. We are seeing many burns to hands and feet – fingernails melted off. For some the burns are just too extreme.” 

Mitchell also mentioned that he believes about half of the koala population have died in the blazes.

As of December 2019, koalas were declared ‘functionally extinct’ when 80 percent of their habitat all over Australia has destroyed in the worst bushfire season in history. Images on social media have shown this fire-ravaged island after at least one-third of the land was thoroughly burned.

Army vehicles with about 100 reservists convoyed to the island last week to help the community restore power supplies, as the blazes left around 600 properties without electricity. SA Power Networks has made a statement that residents won’t have power services for a little longer while they determine the damages that were made to the equipment.

While only a portion of the affected areas have been inspected, the crews have already identified 12km of electrical lines damaged. Some cell phone and landline services were also affected, with Tesla working to restore connections as quickly as they can.

Last weekend brought relief to the area with some rainfall and significantly cooler weather, but the Country Fire Service has declared a total fire ban this Monday due to the numerous fare-ups and the rising temperatures they were expecting to arrive on Wednesday.

Homes, farms and other buildings have been destroyed, along with a number of service infrastructures and tourism. The fires have also claimed the lives of 78-year-old outback pilot Dick Lang and his 43-year-old son Clayton, who died when their car got trapped in flames near Pardana.

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