First Grader Gets Cancer. His Best Friend Gets Him Through It.

Vincent Butterfield and Zac Gossage are first graders, and the best of friends. When Zac was diagnosed with leukemia, Vincent wanted to make sure he still felt loved.

Zac and his mother made scarves to sell as a fundraiser for his friend’s family. He set a goal to sell 10 scarves on Facebook and raise $100. Within five hours, he sold 20 scarves and was able to donate $200 to Zac’s family. “I sold them so the doctors can fix him,” said Vincent.

Vincent also showed his solidarity by shaving his own head, “to make Zac feel like he´s not the only one without any hair.”

When the interviewer asks: “What is friendship?”, Vincent doesn´t skip a beat. “A beautiful thing,” he answers with age-old wisdom.

The good news is, Zac has been in remission since earlier this year. No doubt the love and support shown to him by Vincent really helped his recovery…these two elementary school kids can teach adults so much.

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