Founder Of RT Who Was Found Dead In DC Was Beaten, Did Not Have A Heart Attack As Reported

Photo: Wikimedia
Photo: Wikimedia

Last year it was reported that Mikhail Lesin, the founder of Russia Today (RT) and a close friend of Russian president Putin was found dead in the hotel room that he was staying at in Washington DC.

Initially, it was reported that Lesin died of a heart attack, however, the recent coroner’s report says that he was beaten to death, pointing to an obvious homicide.

Lesin’s death came at a time where he was surrounded with controversy, especially in the US. RT, the Russian-based news source that Lesin founded has become very controversial in the US for challenging the western narrative of foreign policy and privacy issues.

Some US politicians have suggested that RT be banned in the US for “spreading propaganda,” while others have been blatant enough to attack Lesin personally.

Some US Senators, including Roger Wicker of Mississippi, recently called for the Department of Justice to open an investigation into Lesin’s finances. Wicker was concerned that Lesin made too much money, something that was really none of his business.

“That a Russian public servant could have amassed the considerable funds required to acquire and maintain these assets in Europe and the United States raises serious questions,” Wicker said.

It is interesting that it took the government so long to release the coroner’s report, and it is also interesting that a heart attack was initially reported, when signs of blunt force trauma should have been fairly easy to notice with the naked eye.

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