From Creating A Cannabis-Infused Gin For £1,000 To Selling It For A Seven-Figure Sum

As unbelievable as this may sound, this all happened in a few months. Sally Winter, now 27 years old, started mixing the product in her London bedroom in 2019, and months later, she sold it to a Colorado company (USA) for a sum that can only be a dream come true, for the young woman. Here is more on this fairy tale story, made in the UK.

A Drink infused with CBD

Many entrepreneurs have embarked on the marketing of consumable derivative products made from hemp. This is for example the case of Hempstory, Amsterdam’s Hemp-Dedicated Café. But starting in business is never easy. However, it brings opportunities that just might change life later on. For Sally Winter, the course between creation and a life-changing transaction, that took only a few months of her life. It is safe to think that now that she is a millionaire, she will most certainly think of something else to keep her days busy and look for the next big thing, one more time.

When she decided to create a product derived from the cannabis plant, she was probably showing her beliefs in the health benefits that it contains, through its CBD component. No doubt that she was a gin drinker as well, like so many other London citizens. But the idea actually came to her during her travels. To be more precise, it popped in her head, when she attended a beach party in Thailand. The minute she got back home, she started calling distilleries, to understand how to make gin. Once she received sufficient information, she went to work, and created her first private batch.

Why Gin?

Beside the fact that Sally Winter did enjoy a drink of gin, every once in a while, she knew that to make a good scotch or whisky, she would need years. For gin, it would only take 24 hours. That was important, as Sally did not have the budget behind her endeavour, to wait for a few years, to start making money out of it. In fact, it is with the grand amount of £1,300 that she embarked on her adventure. In a short amount of time, she was able to enroll a distillery from Birmingham on the project and make a few batches to test it, before creating her brand called Muhu, and her first beverage named Sweet Hibiscus.

Sally also thought that the gin industry lacked a brand that could reach younger generations. The marketing of most of the famous ones was conventional and lacked fizz, or so she thought. She imagined that a brand that would include CBD oil, would definitely call upon those that have adopted the substance for their training or to calm their anxiety. Plus, a shot of this gin contains only 52 calories and is sugar-free; an information that matters to people, these days.

She made a deal to get the best CBD possible, with a company in Canada. It is colorless and flavourless, so it does not change the gin in any way. The gin she produces with it has a floral taste, which is why she gave it a flower name. In the end, she sold it to Next Frontier Brands, in Colorado (USA) for a seven-figure sum. A real dream come true for hard worker Sally Winter!

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