Gay Hate Crime Victim Gets Surprise Family Reunion

Dwayne was severely beaten by three men while walking home in San Diego-  simply because of his sexual orientation. Not only that, but he´s out of work as a result, and facing eviction. “I really want a mom hug”, he laughs in an interview with Talk it Up TV.

The film-makers hatch a plan to reunite Dwayne with his parents, who were flown into San Diego through donations made by kind-hearted facebook users- these strangers also paid for his rent for three months while he was off work with broken ribs.

If that wasn´t enough tear-jerking action, Dwayne´s own story of saving the son of a meth addict- not to mention his Dad choking up when talking about how much Dwayne is loved regardless of his sexuality- make this video well worth watching too.

It´s a story of love, acts of kindness and hope triumphing over ignorance and intolerance. Incredibly, Dwayne forgives his attackers and feels only sorrow that they are so full of hatred. This video is twelve minutes of pure love…enjoy!

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