Generous Homeless Man Gives His Own Coat To Cold Teen In Snow [Watch]

If, during your daily commute, you noticed a fourteen-year-old boy sitting in the cold and asking for money, what would you do?

Many of us like to think we’d stop and help, but who knows…

To find out what most people would do in the uncomfortable situation, two brothers conducted a social experiment in Montreal, Canada.

CBC News reports that the boy in the video above wasn’t homeless, but instead was pretending to be to see how people would react to his compromised situation.

Interestingly, no one gave him a second thought – except for Putulik Qumaq.

“It’s very cold,” said Qumaq, as he gave his jacket to the boy… Watch the scene unfold below.

The generous man, who has been homeless for seventeen years, knows what it’s like to suffer in the cold, felt he should help in any way possible. According to him, this was just his “good spirit” shining through.

Said David Chapman, Assistant Director at the Open Door Homeless Shelter:

“Often those who live on the street are people with very big hearts. This is an aspect often not seen.”

Clearly, for Qumaq was the only one who stopped to help the 14-year-old boy.

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