Gerard Malouf & Partners – The Best Place to Claim Compensation For People Injured At Work


“No Win No Fee” is something that you’ll see offered by many law firms when it comes to personal injury and compensation claims, and that’s exactly what personal injury specialists Gerard Malouf & Partners are offering clients.

One of the most common ways Australians suffer injury is while they’re at work. We spend much of our lives in the workplace, and many employment situations present an element of danger or the possibility of sustaining an injury somewhere along the line.

Even if your workplace strictly adheres to Health & Safety Regulations, accidents do occur and injuries can result.

If you’ve been unfortunate enough to suffer a workplace injury, then you have a right to be fairly compensated, and the best way to ensure this is to enlist the help of a law firm that specialises in personal injury and compensation claims.


Why Choose Gerard Malouf & Partners for Workplace Injury Claims?

The “no win no fee” promise was mentioned at the start. The great thing about a law firm offering this kind of guarantee is that they’ll only take on a case they’re pretty sure they can win. If they take on your case, then there’s every chance the conclusion is going to be a positive outcome for you.

You can also enter into the lawyer/client relationship with complete peace of mind, knowing that you won’t be out of pocket, and their first consultation is free.

Gerard Malouf & Partners has been providing support to the community in the form of successful personal injury claims for more than 3 decades. With over 100 staff on the team and up to 8 languages spoken, you’ll find the perfect lawyer for your compensation claim.

Some law firms do a bit of everything, but are not masters of a particular area of law. Gerard Malouf & Partners focus all their attention on compensation claims. That’s what they are masters at, and why you’re in good hands when filing a claim for personal injury suffered in the workplace.

In fact, the firm has been recognised as a leading expert in their field by many, and known to fight aggressively for the best outcome for the client.

The best way for to verify the reasons why Gerard Malouf & Partners are considered leading experts is to do some independent research for yourself.

Just search the company online and you’ll discover many positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied clients, who have secured fair compensation payouts for work related injuries and other compensation claims.


Experience Dealing With Insurance Companies Is Where It Counts

When it comes to claiming damages for workplace related injuries, it’s all about dealing with insurance companies. It’s these insurance giants that will either approve or deny a claim, and it’s the insurance companies that like to decide just how much an approved claim should pay out.

If you go it alone you risk two things:

  1. The insurance company may deny your claim
  2. The insurance company will decide on the smallest compensation figure they feel they can get away with

You have a far better chance of a great outcome if you go through a law firm like Gerard Malouf & Partners, who are seasoned experts when it comes to handling insurance giants.

So far the firm boats more than 26,000 successful insurance claims, earning its clients billions of dollars in compensation payouts in total.

These are massive and impressive figures, and a glowing testament to Gerard Malouf’s team as the best place to claim compensation if you’re injured at work. They know the law, they deal with insurance companies every day and they know how to get the best results for their clients.

In other words, the firm has advantages that you don’t have if you go it alone, so the best way for people suffering a work related injury to take advantage is to team up with them.


The Takeaway

Without the assistance of a specialist lawyer, there’s a chance your compensation claim will simply fall on deaf ears. And even if you do receive a payout, it’ll likely be way lower than what an experienced lawyer will get you, even taking into account their fees.

All legal costs are covered by WorkCover authority*

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