7 Key Habits To Make Your Life More Exciting

We all want to have an exciting life, right?  Well, our lives can become a little dull, thanks to life pressures, work, and chores that can be mundane and disinteresting.

Even so, no one wants to look back and be like, “What a boring life I lived”. At least not me!  If that’s the case with you, below are seven habits you should try and make your life more exciting.

Be yourself!

Sometimes the reason we are disinteresting is that we try so hard to become other people. Living a lie, or hiding from who we are can never be exciting. Imagine being a foodie but hiding that because people will think you are “too extra or eat too much” sad, right? Many of us try to hide areas of our life that people might consider different or weird; sadly it is suffocating.  Rule number one to happiness ignores the conventional wisdom of what “normal” should look like and instead involves being yourself. You will find true joy and excitement by focusing on you, and allowing yourself to blossom and flourish amidst peculiarities.

Enough with the excuses!

Another reason why life can seem boring is because of the tons of excuses that you keep coming up with. “I am too tired, I am too old to remarry, maybe I am not good enough for that promotion”. These excuses build up and enable poor decision making, which ultimately gets you to an unhappy state. You need to stop making excuses and start owning your life. Accept that proposal, get that promotion, or go to that cooking class that you keep postponing. Happiness is intentional; it will not fall into your lap if you keep making excuses.

Learn new things; Life is an adventure!

What is the one thing that you wanted to learn but never had the gut or time to do it? Maybe it’s time you considered it. It doesn’t need to be complicated. You can pick simple activities like playing the guitar, learning a new language, or playing online bingo. Surprisingly, learning new things opens up a myriad of opportunities. For example, learning a new language could land you a new job, or playing bingo could earn you some money. Cool, right? Be brave enough and be open to new experiences that push you out of your comfort zone.


  • Don’t try doing everything simultaneously. It is important to begin slowly so that you don’t get overwhelmed.

Exercise is good!

Experts will tell you that there is no greater way to handle stress or fatigue like exercising. Though it might not sound too exciting, it is one of the best ways to live a more thrilling and happy life. Other than the physical advantages, exercising comes with a lot of social and psychological benefits.

Simple ways to make exercise fun and not a chore:

  • Exercise with friends.
  • Breakaway from the gym. Join a Yoga, Zumba, or a Pilates class.
  • Use home chores as part of your workout. Try some cleaning, gardening.
  • Enjoy some good music while exercising.
  • participate in fun exercises like golfing, fishing, or swimming.

Travel the world

Imagine seeing the same things, eating the same food, or visiting the same sites? There is nothing that screams interesting in that, right? Well, if you are looking to zhush up your life, then you need to add travel to your bucket list. Travelling exposes you to new surroundings and experiences away from routine. You could travel alone, or join travel groups and meet new people. Did I mention, traveling relieves stress and boosts mental health? Try it.

How about some volunteer work

Interesting people give wholeheartedly of themselves. They make other people feel better about themselves by channeling positive energy. They don’t lock themselves in but instead find avenues that they can learn from or contribute to. One of those avenues is participating in community work by volunteering. Volunteering can be as simple as talking to the elderly, participating in charity walks or events, or building community houses, etc. Participating in volunteering stirs a feeling of fulfillment, makes you happy, and increases your self-confidence. Additionally, you will have nice stories to share. Sounds exciting, right?

Meet people! Make new friends!

I am sure you are asking, “what if I am introverted?” I understand you might prefer to be a loner, nothing wrong with that. But did you know friends make you happier, healthier, and more holistic? Yes, if you have not thought of having friends, you might want to begin now. Friends expose you to new opportunities, challenges, and make life exciting.

Wrap up

One of the biggest hindrances of life is a comfort zone. Asking someone to try or do something they are not used to is very hard. Most of us struggle with getting out of our safe space or comfort areas. However, if you try to change and adopt these habits, you will be surprised that all you needed to do was try.


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