Hawaii and Mexico on Forefront of GMO Bans

Image Credit / Greenpeace
Image Credit / Greenpeace

By: Amanda Froelich,

True Activist.

The latest news regarding opposition to GMO crops comes from two actions passed in Hawaii and by Mexico. Limiting pesticides, herbicides, and genetically-modified food sources in exchange for natural, organic options is a vision of the people which continues to make progress!


For bio-tech companies, life in paradise just got a lot tougher. Firms such as DuPont Pioneer and BASF have long used the Hawaiian island of Kauai as a testing ground for GMO crops and pesticides; however, now the island’s County Council has passed a law clamping down on the field tests.

Last week Bill 2491 was passed, introducing new strict regulations. It set up a study of health effects of the pesticides, and establishes buffer zones around schools, parks, and homes where the crops can’t be tested.

Most controversially, the bill also says the agricultural companies must disclose which pesticides and genetically modified crops they are testing – information that is usually kept secret for proprietary reasons.

This is the latest move to regulate the GMO crops in the US, where they are grown and eaten widely. In contrast, Europe hardly grows any because of fierce public opposition

Concerns about transparency underlie the controversy on Kauai. Campaign groups like Pass the Bill and GMO-free Kauai pushed for restrictions on the testing of genetically modified crops, spurred on by claims that pesticides used in the tests have drifted into inhabited areas and harmed local people.

While the US slowly gains momentum standing up for the quality of its crops and food sources, nearby Mexico has also joined in against the threat of Monsanto with action of its own.


One of Mexico’s judges recently launched a complete ban on the growth of GMO corn field trials that were planned to move forward. The judge cited numerous environmental risks regarding the implementation of GMO corn into the food supply of the nation, knowing full well that unleashing genetically modified strains of corn into nature can lead to a complete loss of genetic integrity.

While the notion is concerning, there has already been proof of large-scale genetic contamination on behalf of Monsanto. Going back to the escape of genetically modified wheat in traditional crops, for example, is a perfect example of genetic contamination in action.

Thankfully Mexican citizens and even high-ranking judges can see the dangerous reality posed by introducing Monsanto crops; this puts Mexico in league with other nations such as Peru and Hungary which are taking a stand against Monsanto’s complete food domination of the international food supply.

In case you missed the Hungarian public’s announcement in opposition to Monsanto’s GM Maize, acres of the genetically modified crops were burned to the ground. The people will be heard, and natural food with high integrity will be produced.

These two positive changes go to remind all just how much power the people do wield against Monsanto and GMO crops. Spreading truth, activism, and positive alternative will continue to yield better outcome for all who inhabit this Earth.


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