He Proposed To The Girl Of His Dreams… And Then The Ring Fell Through The Cracks.

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Proposals are supposed to be perfect. They usually begin with the man making a tremendous amount of plans on exactly how he is going to do it. It usually involves the perfect girl, the perfect place, and more importantly, the perfect ring. So when Seth Dixon decided to get down on one knee to lift the ring he chose to give his hopefully soon-to-be fiancée to ask if she would marry him, without being able to know it, the ring popped out of the box, out of his hands and into the depths of the pond below.

See how one man’s perfect proposal went wrong, in the worst possible way.

Seth Dixon And Ruth Salas

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Seth Dixon and Ruth Salas were a couple who had been dating for over four years when Seth decided to propose to his beautiful girlfriend. Dixon works as an Uber driver in Warrensburg, while his girlfriend, Salas, works as a substitute teacher in Liberty, Kansas. It would seem that after four years of being girlfriend and boyfriend, Seth felt that the timing was perfect for them to take the next step in their relationship.

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