Here’s How You Can Watch The Oscar-Winning Documentary “Citizenfour” For Free


Have you heard of Edward Snowden? Good, because he’s done more to unearth information kept secret by the U.S. government than most, therefore, deserves some recognition and support as he faces upcoming trials.

Mainstream media has portrayed Snowden in various ways, but perhaps the most raw and truthful account is revealed in “Citizenfour,” a documentary directed by Laura Poitras.

As the documentary’s official home page relays, in January of 2013, Poitras was contacted by a mysterious stranger via an encrypted email. He called himself Citizen Four.

The stranger offered her inside information about illegal wiretapping practices of the NSA and other intelligence agencies. He also made it clear that just by choosing to correspond, her privacy would be compromised.

Because the film-maker had already been working for several years on a film about mass surveillance programs in the U.S., she ventured to Hong Kong in June of that year. She was accompanied by investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald and The Guardian intelligence reporter Ewen MacAskill.

Citizenfour is based upon the recordings of their meetings. Watch the trailer below to catch a glimpse of the film’s understated importance.

In case you are wondering, it is legal and free to download the sources, as the documentary is part of the evidence that will be used in upcoming trials in the Snowden case.

You can watch the movie worldwide in some selected cinemas and on TV, more info here:

OR you can download the full movie in English here:

SD-Resolution (1,1 GB) Download

HD-resolution (3,4 GB) Download

You can also stream it here:

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