Here’s What Your Favorite Cartoon Characters Think About Hunting

‘What a hunt!’ is a short film by Steve Cutts, whose wonderfully dystopian illustrations of modern life we recently published here. This video, in support of animal rights, takes a creative approach to the issue of hunting by featuring some of our best-loved animal cartoon characters. A gung-ho poacher goes after all of your childhood favorites: Baloo from the Jungle Book, Bugs Bunny, The Lion King and Pumba, and even Tony the Tiger from the Frosties cereal ads.

By using characters that are so well-known and well-loved, Cutts adds an extra dimension to the idea that animals are equally as important as us- and that have as much of a right as we do to live. Watching Yogi Bear and the others getting gunned down- even if it is only a cartoon– feels strangely upsetting. But it’s all worth it for the great message (and a very satisfying ending…)

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