Homeless Woman And Her Dog Stop Burglary, Are Rewarded With Thousands Of Dollars For New Home

Credit: Telegraph.co.uk
Credit: Telegraph.co.uk

It was 3 AM when Lottie Pauling-Chamberlain and her dog, Marley (named after Bob Marley), noted a suspicious figure approaching the LUSH cosmetics store in Oxford, Oxon.

Being homeless, Lottie spent a lot of time near the store, therefore, was sure the intruder was a burglar. When he came out of the shop with over £1,000 of cosmetics and the store’s laptop, her suspicions were confirmed.

When she confronted the early-morning burglar, he was so surprised, he surrendered the loot and ran off.

She could have walked away with the premium soaps and the laptop, but chose to stick around and return them to the employees she had be-friended.They were so impressed with her honesty and good character, reports The Telegraph, they set up a crowdfunding campaign to raise enough money for her to receive a new home.

The manager of the store, James Atherton, relayed the story to the press. He said:

“She saw this man trying to get in – and she knows all of us, as well as our delivery drivers, so she knew he wasn’t a LUSH guy.

When he came out with our laptop and about £1,000 worth of our products, Lottie confronted him and said she knew he was not from LUSH.

He was so surprised about it, that he gave her all the stuff and ran off.”

It was the next morning when the employees were totting their losses that Lottie surprised them with the stolen goods. She also told them about the burglar.

In addition to a hamper full of food, including treats for Marley, the store ‘rewarded’ Lottie by starting an online fundraiser to secure her a new home.

So far, over $11,000 has been raised!

Lottie will use the money to purchase a small bit of land and a caravan to put on it. Then, if more  than enough money is raised, she intends to purchase other homes to help other individuals living on the streets.

She explains on the campaign page:

“If I get my way, [I will] buy more caravans to allow those who are homeless to rent somewhere cheaply, gain a reference for good conduct as a tenant, time to save money for a deposit while living without the fear of where u will sleep at night.

So please keep donating and thanks for the support so far. I would love to hear from you as would Marley. 1Love 1Heart have beautiful lives.”

If you’re interested in supporting the honest activist and her vision, please visit the fundraising campaign here.

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