How A Time Clock App Can Help Small Businesses During COVID-19


It’s not exactly a headline-making topic that time clock software has transformed into several technologically-driven forms in recent times. One form of the time clock has been the app. Thanks to cellphone software innovations, time clock apps are available and accessible for use for business owners and staff alike.

These apps could not have come at a better time owing to the need for tech-inclined methods of working due to social distancing regulations and general precautionary measures we have to take in our business organizations and even personally as well.

The ability to efficiently track your employee’s locations and keep tabs on if your employee is doing their job can save business owners thousands of dollars a year. Over time, unscrupulous employees have been able to escape work through a tactic called “buddy-punching” where employees punch time for another even though they actually are not at the office.

Through a time clock app, employers can always make sure they keep track of the actual GPS location of their employees to avoid this employee-fraud.

Another great benefit of using the time clock app is that because business owners are able to keep track of the actual time that the employees may have worked, payroll reporting becomes more accurate and you pay for the actual amount of services rendered instead of being ripped off. Businesses also integrate payroll platform with T/A software to track times off and make changes to payroll accordingly.

Due to the covid19 crisis, most businesses are suspending the use of a biometric job clock to help prevent the spread of the disease and are switching to more personalized and hygiene-friendly ways of tracking employee working hours.

For instance, the New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority has banned its employees from punching in and out though finger scans. Moving forward, there is a strong case to expect that a ban of biometric time clock solutions will be enforced as a precautionary move by most organizations—with the current pandemic more forgiving to individuals who err on the side of caution rather than on the side of negligence.

Based on this understanding, the digitalization of the time clock is necessary as it presents the safest way for business owners to be able to efficiently set, track, and manage working hours and schedules of employees.

During COVID19, one of the major issues employers may have to deal with is around leave management and this is where a time and attendance app is of a huge relevance. A large number of employees will have cause to leave work and self-isolate. Businesses need to have systems that will deal with the eventuality of many members of their staff applying to take leaves from respective places of work due to health management concerns.

Interestingly, the time clock also has a reminder notification feature sent by email to forward notifications to employees about the shift’s start or end. Some time clocks even embed themselves deep into the business activities of business owners—like pricing.

For instance, construction clocks—a great construction time clock app provides accurate job costing and adequate pricing information that could assist business owners in calculations and also help them find areas where they can get better results or not. One thing stands out with clarity for this—that tracking of time being spent on projects reduces the possibilities of overtime, saving business owners money, and better decision making too for a healthy and productive business.

With all being said, for employers that are looking to bring an end to instances of work scheduling failures and employee fraud especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, the remedy lies in investing in a time clock app as it could prove to be a worthy asset to your business moving forward.

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