How To Choose The Right School For Your Child

Education Destination

A child’s education is always one of the primary concerns of any parent. When deciding between public and charter schools, Orange county and other California districts have a dizzying number of options to choose from. With certain advantages over their more conventional counterparts, charter schools may provide better opportunities for kids as they explore different ways to grow and develop.

Widening Options

Parents continually have more options on how to provide quality education to their children. In California, there are several types of institutions that your family can turn to when searching for scholastic opportunities. With an increasing number of institutions to choose from, parents can decide between the following:

  • District Schools
  • Public Charter Schools
  • Magnet Schools
  • Virtual Classrooms
  • Religion-Based Institutions
  • Secular Private Schools
  • Home Schooling

While private academies and home-based schooling are options in the state, the two most popular choices fall between district-run institutions and their charter school alternatives.

Charter School Breakdown

The main debate in California centers around traditional school districts and their charter-based alternatives. While most parents understand how the public school system works, understanding charter schools Orange County and other places will help to make better decisions in relation to children’s needs.

California has been a stronghold for experimental charter schools since 1992 when the proposal put forth creative alternatives to the traditional educational framework. Charter schools were meant to be smaller test zones with more flexible hiring standards and a less limited curriculum. Along with minimal oversight, these schools would allow educators to try new and innovative teaching techniques that may then be broadened to classic school districts if found particularly effective.

Freedom From Curriculum

The staple format for public school districts is a well-established curriculum. Following these guidelines, teachers are meant to help their students follow a rigid track throughout their educational journey from Kindergarten through High School. Unfortunately, this doesn’t offer a lot of room for experimentation, and with state and federal restrictions in place, it’s possible that many children won’t get the kind of education they need to succeed.

Charter schools get around these limitations by freeing up teachers to develop their own curriculum. Hiring practices are also much more lenient, allowing schools to let go of educators that aren’t satisfying their scholarly expectations. Some important statistics include:

In essence, choosing a charter school in Orange County may offer children much more opportunities for growth, an important thing to keep in mind when looking at public school alternatives.

Selecting The Superior School

Because they don’t follow curriculum standards and can have very unique staffing placements, choosing a charter school in Orange County or elsewhere in California is a little more complicated than seeking out the closest institution. There are several factors you should consider when investigating charter schools, such as:

  • Location: While it’s possible to look outside of your current district for a charter school, there are a wealth of options available across the state making finding an ideal location quite convenient.
  • Building: Since the institution won’t generally be housed in a standard schoolhouse, visit the academy to get an idea of its facilities firsthand.
  • Academics: Take a close look at the kids of teachers and syllabi of your child’s prospective classes to know if it provides the kind of studies you find important.
  • Class Size: Just as with public schools, parents should look for charter options that have smaller student-to-teacher ratios.
  • Campus Culture: It’s also important to know how the institution broadens students’ minds beyond academics as well as the acceptance of different demographics within the school itself.

Make sure you don’t focus on one area too specifically to help guarantee your child gets a well-rounded education.

Finding A Charter School In Orange Country

Whether you’re moving to the OC or your child is getting near school age, it’s time to take their education into consideration. There are quite a few different types of schools in California, and with the choice essentially coming down to public and charter options, it’s important to know what you’re looking into. Look closely at the kinds of facilities and advantages each school offers and you’re sure to find an institution that provides the kind of education you know your child deserves!

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