How to Install Wall Mounted Makeup Mirrors With Lights


A makeup mirror is an important tool that everyone should have in their house. Doing so will provide you with better light so that you can apply the full details of your makeup without unwanted shadows before leaving your house. There are two major types of makeup mirrors, which are the wall mounted makeup mirrors and the standing make-up mirrors. The wall-mounted mirrors give great lit for you to check your complete details. In this post, we discussed steps on how to install these wall-mounted mirrors. The following are the steps for installing it.

1) Choose the Best Place for the Mirror

After you choose the ideal wall-mounted mirror, the first thing to do is to determine the best place to put it. You might want to have it installed in your bedroom, living room, bathroom, or many other places in your home. Determine what you will most likely use the mirror for and that will help you determine its’ placement. Let’s face it, a great mirror can beautify one’s home and many homeowners are using mirrors as a form of artistic expression. They tend to light up the area of the home in which they are placed. They were designed to serve as decoration to the house. You can get a quality wall mounted makeup mirror with light at an affordable price. There are various types of mirrors. Check out different types of designs and properties before ordering the best mirror that will suit both you and your home.

2) Decide the Height at Which You Want To Place the Mirror

The first step of installing wall mounted makeup mirrors is to decide which height will be the best to place it. To decide this, you must decide which state you want to view the mirror. If you like to look at the mirror when sitting, you can put the mirror between 38 to 44 inches above the ground. However, if you want to have your makeup details while standing, you can place it at 54 to 60 inches right above the ground.

3) Find Suitable Studs

After you might have decided the best position for the mirror. Look for a stud to mark out the decided height. To do this, carefully place the mirror on the wall and use the stud to mark the intersects. This should be done before installation. Get an affordable wall mounted mirror by ordering from this site.

4) Drill Holes

Now that you have marked out important intersects for the mirror. Use the most appropriate bit for the screws to drill those intersecting points. Drill an equal length of the available screws that will be used for the installation.

5) Install the Mounting Plate

After the hole has been drilled, you can proceed to mount the plate on the wall. Use the provided screws to fix the mounting plate to the wall. While installing the mounting plate, be careful not to spoil the plate by tightening the screws too much.

6) Erect the Mirror

The final stage of it is to mount the mirror on the plate. After you might have mounted the mirror, attach all available decorative nuts that come with it to the mirror.

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