How To Make A Small Urban Garden In London


It does not matter what age they are in, but British people absolutely love gardening. Having a small patch of land that you can take care of yourself is a dream for many people. Although some decide to tend to this hobby in the latter stages of their lives, many young people also tend to do so.

As a matter of fact, many people in London keep small urban gardens. London is an enormous city and there aren’t plenty of opportunities for keeping one for people who are true garden lovers. Based on the statistics provided by Home Garden, less and fewer people have really big gardens because they simply do not have room for it. However, small urban gardens for people who live in an apartment are gaining popularity.

If you wish to find out more about how to make your own urban garden, here are some tips that we offer.

Tabletop Square Foot Garden

People who do not have enough room for gardening should try the square foot garden method. It is a very simple and rather unique method where seeds are planted in 1 x 1 square foot plots. The most important part is that you can put all of it on a table and elevate it up.

This method is really good for elderly people and inexperienced gardeners. It gives you a lot of time to devote to this hobby and does not require a lot of effort. It is particularly useful for saving space and saving old people’s backs as they don’t have to crouch down to do any of the garden work.


Grow a Climber

Climbers are very easy to make and they are a great decorative type of plant. Living in London does not allow you to put a lot of plants on your terrace. But adding bars and supports allows climbers to grow around it without any interference. It provides a nice and decorative addition to your flat and also gives you natural shade for a cool atmosphere in your apartment.

The best one to choose would be a self-clinging variety one that can attach itself to bars or even walls. You can also add wire for roses and honeysuckle for added decoration.

DIY Self Watering Pots and Planters

Living in London would most likely mean having a fast-paste lifestyle. It does not leave a lot of room for anything else and it also makes you forget some things. So making a DIY self-watering pot is perfect for you. You simply need to set the watering system up and let the plant do all the rest. It will take as much as water as it needs through its roots system. The only thing you need to do is to fill in the reservoir now and then.

This system does not take a lot of room and allows you to add as many pots as you have room for. You save space and time with this self-watering planter and it is also super easy to make.


Find Places to Hang Pots From

Living in an apartment does not leave you a lot of options. But when there is not a lot of open space and alternative would be using various places to hang planters from. Window sims, walls, woodwork – all of them provide a good place to store flowers or any kinds of plants that you wish to keep.

To create a very beautiful urban garden you can hand baskets and put them on the window facing the streets. It adds a decorative factor as well and the flowers will also get plenty of sun that way.

Foliage Can Look Good on a Balcony

If you have a balcony you can easily decorate with some foliage plants. A paved area can look very pretty if you decorate with foliage of different shapes and sizes. Even a small balcony would do but you have to have a strategy on how to position all of it and which ones to use.

The best way is to simply mix things up. Use architectural strap leaves, plants of different textures or fuzzy vegetation. In a matter of seconds will you be able to turn your terrace into a tropical oasis.

Use Plants that Don’t Need a Lot of Sun

Living in a flat also means that the amount of sun rays you are getting is blocked off by bigger buildings around you. But if you really want to keep plants in that sort of surrounding you can use some that do not require a lot of sunlight.

Additionally, these types of plants do not require as much as maintenance as other ones. You can neglect them all you want and they will still be growing. This does not actually mean that you can forget about them completely, but watering them from time to time and doing some work around them is more than enough.

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