Husband Led Search For Missing Wife- 34 Years Later Cops Arrest Him

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Debra Rogers, 23 years old, was living with her husband and their five-year old daughter in a farm in Loysville, Pennsylvania, when she disappeared one night. Her parents were distraught as her husband, Carl, called them to tell them about her disappearance. She had vanished without a trace on April 22, 1983, and because of what, they didn’t know.

All they wanted to do then was find her. Little did they realize that there were twists in the case that would leave them aghast and disgusted with how things turned out.

Missing Wife

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Everyone was now wondering where Debra was? Why did she leave? Where did she go? Carl and her family were all distraught. So, they did what anyone would do, they wanted to find her. Of course, they also hoped that she was alright. That somehow, she would come out of the entire experience unscathed.

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