If Only The Tube Were Like This Every Day! Moments Like This Show How Music Connects Us

The London Underground is famous for many things- rats, stress, ridiculously high ticket prices, and the fact it’s almost impossible to get another commuter to look you in the eye. It’s a quaint British eccentricity to have an acute fear of strangers on public transport. We prefer silent tube journeys, ones where we pretend to be texting someone, or when we read a crumpled newspaper for the third time because anything’s better than actually looking at (or God forbid, speaking) to someone you don’t know. In fact, London’s reputation for rudeness is so bad that a bizarre campaign was launched to encourage Londoners to talk  to each other more and ‘build a friendlier city’. It didn’t work.

But maybe music can triumph where a PR campaign can’t. This awesome video shows how the power of a good track (in this case, A Little Respect by Erasure) can unite humans, even in a London Underground station. They sing pretty well, too!

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