If Top Architects And Experts Don’t Believe The 9/11 Story, Why Should You?


This is a trailer for the 2012 documentary film 9/11: Explosive Evidence- experts speak out. It begins with Robert McCoy, a high-rise architect, stating he “does not want to be involved with conspiracy theories,” but admitting that despite this, he has some doubts about the official 9/11 story that just won’t go away. McCoy is just one of over 1500 architects and 12,000 other scientists and experts who have signed a petition asking for the US government to re-investigate the tragic events of that day.

The clip summarizes their concerns: Firstly, the NISTA report into the collapse of buildings was not based on any scientific method and has denied and ignored vital and overwhelming evidence pointing to the use of explosives. World Trade Center Building 7, for example, descended in freefall for 100 feet- that’s 8 storeys- with “no resistance whatsoever.” Given that we were told it collapsed due to an office fire, is that even possible? Not according to the architects and scientists featured in this documentary. “The columns were clearly severed at the same time,” says one, while another calls it a “classic implosion” with “evidence of melting steel…an office fire can’t do this.” One expert goes as far as to say that “you don’t need to be an engineer to see what happened.”

Nano-thermite (an explosive) was discovered in dust taken from the scene, as were iron micro-spheres, “which are only formed at extremely high temperatures.” An ordinary fire cannot account for these discoveries, or for the way in which Building 7 fell. The experts point out that NISTA didn’t even look for explosives (the “most likely hypothesis” from a scientific perspective) and they concur that “evidence was removed from the scene of the crime.”

Although millions of Americans will continue to scoff at these ‘conspiracy theories’, the question remains: If these people, who know far more about these issues than you and I, cannot bring themselves to believe the official 9/11 story, why should we blindly buy into it?

We need to detach from emotive responses and ask ourselves whether it is possible that the Bush administration lied. Why would they do that? The USA and Britain needed to cause mass panic and fear on a level never seen before so that they could gain public support for invading Afghanistan (and all the Middle Eastern oil-rich countries they have attacked since then). Without 9/11, the American people would never have given their approval for the endless, bloody War On Terror we are still waging 14 years later, and it’s highly unlikely they would have given their sons and daughters to the military without an event that sparked fierce patriotism and widespread Islamophobia. According to a former marine turned anti-war activist who we featured in a recent post, every country the USA has invaded since 9/11 (including Syria) was part of a much bigger, much more sinister, long-term geo-political strategy to control the region and aid Israel. You can also click here to see a compilation of Bush‘s 9/11 lies, which might make you think twice about how much the former puppet really knew in advance…

If you are interested in finding out more about the points raised in this trailer, visit the ‘Experts speak out’ website or watch the whole documentary here.

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